Damp Proofing in London and within the M25

Buildimage specialise in a variety of damp proofing methods to protect your homes from dampness and mould. Any property could be affected by damp, especially older builds that haven't had and preventative features built into them. If any damp is left unattended, it can lead to mould and even structure damage in your home. We are on hand to identify any damp in your home, fix the issue and employ the right preventative measure to ensure it doesn't come back.

Damp proofing is the installation of protective features within your home that will prevent damp from being absorbed through floors or walls and into your property. There are two main types of damp; rising damp and penetrating damp. Rising damp is the term for water that penetrates the property from the ground, usually through the walls or floors. Penetrating damp is liquid, often from rainwater that enters the home through defects such as damaged roofing tiles as well as through window and door surrounds. Buildimage Ltd will be able to identify the type of damp and source of the problem as well as advising the best way to deal with it.

The two main methods of damp proofing are the installation of a Damp Proofing Course or a Damp Proofing Membrane. Although there are two different methods, we recommend that they are used in conjunction with each other to ensure the best possible results.

A damp proofing course is typically a layer of plastic or slate that is laid between the brickwork just above ground level. This layer will stop damp rising from the ground into the walls and then into the house.

A damp proof membrane is a layer of material that is laid below the floor of your home, usually below a concrete slab which prevents the groundwater from soaking into the concrete and eventually the house.

If you are experiencing damp problems or you would like extra preventative measures added to your home then speak to Buildimage today. We serve London and within the M25 area. You can reach us by phone on 07738505079 or head across to our contact page to fill out the enquiry form.

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